Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Trends to Watch

This year will be the year of color with fashion trends from the 80s and 90s. This spring will be nothing short of a color and pattern explosion. So, what are the top three trends this season? Some may surprise you.


Suiting is becoming ever more popular. If you’re the trendy fashionista that wants to be seen in the latest style grab an over-sized power blazer. This style can be both feminine and fun. If you’re not one for the structured suit look you can go for a blazer that is made out of softer fabric such as silk, satin, and velvet. This blazer can be paired with a corset, button up blouse, tee, or sweater. The possibilities are truly endless.

The oversized power suit blazers of the 80s (minus the shoulder pads) are returning with a very interesting wardrobe choice…biker shorts! Yes, you read that right, high-waisted biker shorts. If biker shorts are not your thing, opt for leggings, wide leg trousers, or pants that are lightweight and have shorts underneath that can provide you a trendy yet flattering look for any body type.



This Spring and Summer watch out for an abundance of color, especially pastels. Pastels are no longer for the spring time it is now becoming a year-round color. Pastels can be mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral tones. No matter, your style, there are easy ways to make these airy light hues work for you. We see soft shades, muted hues which are soft and cool. It feels like pastel hues come with that special innocent and gentle nature.

Floral, Floral, and More Floral!

Florals remain on trend this season. They emerged onto the scene last Spring and were the number 1 selling pattern in Spring/Summer 2018! Believe it or not, floral is in season all the time — you just have to know how best to flaunt it and fit it into your particular style. With a few style tips, you will be able to style your floral pieces year-round. However, in this blog we will cover how to wear them this spring.

Here are some spring-friendly tips for choosing floral prints:

  • Embrace the emerging bright colors typically found in spring fabrics.
  • Do not restrict yourself to only bright pastels. Even though spring and bright colors are a natural fit, try to explore the full range of the spring colors available.
  • Select floral patterns with lighter backgrounds. It defines the light, bright feeling you want in the spring months.
  • Look for floral patterns that are bold and bright colored, or in watercolor pastels. You can also try pairing florals with stripes in the same color family.

Fashion Tip: Let the pattern be the star: pair it with shoes in neutrals and metallics.

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