If you are like me, chances are that your odds of attending a glitzy and glamorous New Year’s Eve Party is slim-to-none. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best when attending your friend or neighbor’s party. Follow my three steps for the best New Year’s Eve outfit for the real women of the world!

Here is your three step guide to looking fabulous!

Step 1: Start off with a simple black bottom. It can be a skirt, pant, or if you really daring, shorts! They do not need to have sequins or glitter. A simple black skirt in any material will work! The best part, who doesn’t have a black skirt or pant in their closet already?  

If you are looking for a bottom with a bit more flare, check out the Segaf Trouser. It pays homage to the 90’s harem pant with a sophisticated twist. It is a high-waisted belted pant with shimmering threads woven throughout the pant.

Step 2: Now for your top. This is where the fun begins! The more sequins and glitter, the better! This top can be a cami or even a long sleeve shirt. Don’t think too hard here. There are many affordable options. Check out the Pantian Top from Smash! Happy Barcelona Style. This top has a soft mauve color with a beautiful rouche detail on the shoulders and the best part…it doesn’t hold back on the shimmer!

Pantian Top $35.50
Smash! Happy Barcelona Style
Diamond Arrow Boutique

Optional: If wearing a cami or sleeveless top, you can compliment it with a black leather jacket. The texture contrast with sequins and leather make the outfit stand out for an edgy look.

Women’s Faux Leather Jacket

Step 3: Bring it all together with Accessories!

Shoes: Don’t think you have to reach for those stilettos. You can go with a flat or even a more modest heel. Glitter or a simple black or matching color will do.

Jewelry: Long dangling earrings are your best friend! My favorite are what I call the “JLo Earrings” from Swarovski. Simple yet glamorizes your outfit without breaking the bank. However if you prefer studs, then go with a pair that adds color and shine to your outfit. Lastly, bangles are in and are an easy way to add the wow factor to any attire. You can go with a glitzy kind or go with stack-able leather bound bracelets.

Put it all together and you get one KILLER but practical  New Year’s Eve Outfit!

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