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Style Insights

2019 Fall Fashion Trends

Want to stay current with the fall trends for 2019? This is the blog to read. This is the most exciting time of the year and where the most creative fashion designs and colors come out. I always love to stay ahead of the trends so that I can provide you with the most on trend items before everyone else figures it out.
In the fashion world there are truly tons of trends. There are the high end fashion trends, athletic fashion trends, and even street fashion trends. What I am bringing you are the main stream fashion trends that REAL people wear. After all, the average person, you and I, make the trends through our purchase behaviors.

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4 Steps to Building the Perfect Outfit

If you are like me, I rarely have time to shop for myself. My paycheck and time revolve around what my family needs. Who hasn’t stared at their closet and said, “I have nothing to wear!” With a few easy steps, you can build a great outfit from the ground up. It is my hope…

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If you are like me, chances are that your odds of attending a glitzy and glamorous New Year’s Eve Party is slim-to-none. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best when attending your friend or neighbor’s party. Follow my three steps for the best New Year’s Eve outfit for the real women of the…

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New Beginnings

Every New Beginning Brings its Challenges It has been a long difficult journey to get to this point. I remember crying and praying on a long stretch of highway heading into Wyoming. Crying out to God asking him to tell me what my purpose is and what I should be doing with my life. I…

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