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Sikra Fit: My 8 Week Journey to a Better Me

In January I set on this journey of working on a stronger, healthier me. I had absolutely no idea on how to create an effective work out. I used weight and cardio machines, but I lacked the creativity for workouts and meals. I tried everything from an online personal trainer, gym memberships to self-help blogs.…

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If you are like me, chances are that your odds of attending a glitzy and glamorous New Year’s Eve Party is slim-to-none. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best when attending your friend or neighbor’s party. Follow my three steps for the best New Year’s Eve outfit for the real women of the…

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New Beginnings

Every New Beginning Brings its Challenges It has been a long difficult journey to get to this point. I remember crying and praying on a long stretch of highway heading into Wyoming. Crying out to God asking him to tell me what my purpose is and what I should be doing with my life. I…

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