4 Steps to Building the Perfect Outfit

If you are like me, I rarely have time to shop for myself. My paycheck and time revolve around what my family needs. Who hasn’t stared at their closet and said, “I have nothing to wear!” With a few easy steps, you can build a great outfit from the ground up. It is my hope that I can take this stress out of your day.

Step 1: Pick Your Bottoms

I start my day by asking Alexa what the weather is going to be for the day. This helps me determine whether I am wearing pants, a skirt, dress, or even shorts. If it is scorching hot outside dresses and skirts are my go-to. When it is raining or cold, pants are the best option.

Step 2: Pick Your Top

Sometimes I find creative inspiration however, for those days where we just lack the creativity, I hold up my bottoms to every top I have in my closet. I encourage you to pull the shirts out if you need to as it will give you a better visual image of an outfit. I always surprise myself when I do this as I can pick the most unexpected combinations.

Step 3: Choose Your Shoes

I have to make a confession. I am obsessed with shoes. The crazier, the better. At the same time, this makes selecting the perfect shoe for my outfit extremely hard. Sometimes too many options can overwhelm us. When faced with this, I select a few pairs and see how they look with my outfit.

Step 4: Add a Dash of Bling

Now this last step is not always necessary, but almost always I need an accessory to tie the outfit all together. The accessory can be a scarf, belt, hat, jewelry, or even sunglasses. Now, when you are selecting jewelry, I recommend that you select either a necklace or a bracelet. This is important as you do not want both of them competing for attention.

I promise, if you incorporate this into your daily routine, you will be doing all of this in less than 5 minutes! Ready…Set…GO!

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Samantha Kanish is a city fashionista from the suburbs of Washington D.C. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and public relations guru. She is the owner and founder of Diamond Arrow Boutique in which she shares her passion for fashion and sharing empowering stories of women overcoming odds and choosing to live a joy-filled life. Samantha was inspired to provide a platform for women to share their stories from her time as a fashion stylist. She was moved by the relationships she built with clients through the stories that were shared. If you are looking for a community of women who will share their struggles and provide love and encouragement, then Diamond Arrow Boutique is your new home! To find out more about Samantha, follow her on Facebook @samanthakanish and her website www.shopdiamondarrow.com.