2019 Fall Fashion Trends

This is the most exciting time of the year and where the most creative fashion designs and colors come out. I always love to stay ahead of the trends so that I can provide you with the most on trend items before everyone else figures it out.

In the fashion world there are truly tons of trends. There are the high end fashion trends, athletic fashion trends, and even street fashion trends. What I am bringing you are the main stream fashion trends that REAL people wear. Afterall, the average person, you and I, make the trends through our purchase behaviors.

After reading this blog, I want you to feel confident enough to tell yours friends what you’re looking forward to wearing this fall. So follow along as I walk you through the fall 2019 trends that will reign supreme.

Punk Plaid

Plaid has become such a classic print in our closets, we barely blink an eye when we look at it. But the way it is styled for Fall made me take notice. There is a clear throwback to the 90’s now, so layer your dark checks over hoodies or mix in leather where you can for an extra dose of edge, and act like a rebel child for a day.

Polina Tunic

Pretty in Pink

Yes, pink is the most unexpected color trend for fall. We all know that almost every trend is a recycled version of a trend before it.  This year the colors trends really switched gears from boring browns and expected blacks. It can range from hot pink to a soft delicate pink. The pink that will be the one to focus on is soft pink. I want to convince you that brown and black deserve a spot in the back seat this season.

Sage Green

This color is an offbeat color and this is why I love it! Sage green couldn’t be easier to style while neon’s can take a bit more effort to pull off successfully. As you will see from the pics below, sage green can easily be styled with a cream top and even jeans.

The Sage Pant

Prints, Prints, Prints!

It’s a classic, and it’s back. Animal print trend has never been as bold and beautiful as in 2019 autumn. The only question is: do you like it? There’s one thing called too much when it comes to this animal print trend, or more like the fear of too much, too bold, too extravagant, too extra you know. 

At the end of the day it ain’t such a big deal, it’s just fashion and a wild print, so if you wanna do it but don’t wanna look extra just rock one animal print item, keep it toned down, and pair it with more casual pieces to make it less louder. For example our Orel Dress has subtle animal print accents and by pairing it with the Bubug Cardigan you can tone the look down effortlessly.

If you love it so much that you’d drape yourself in zebra or snake print… go all the way.

Orel Dress
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